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inge morath, a llama in time square, new york city, 1957
happy april fools!

Passing Moments/ Extended Moments Questions:

1. I used high ISO for most of the pictures. I took two of them at a pond near my house, and I had my brother throwing rocks in the water to take the second picture. For the last three on the bottom I used my brother and sister as models. I had them running from one room to another to make that blurry effect for which I used the lowest ISO on my camera.

2. The shot that I feel was the most successful is the second one. I used ISO 1600, the highest on my camera to make it look kinda blurry, and I really like the way it came out.

Fictional Portraits:

Cindy Sherman is a photographer, best known for her conceptual portraits.

My fictional character’s name is Magenta, a young girl with an endless imagination. She loves being in the woods, because it’s the best place where she can talk to her best fairy friends.

The most helpful Photoshop technique was the Magnetic Lasso Tool.

The most challenging part about the construction of the image was trying to make the picture fit without making it look blurry.

I am really happy with the way my images look, I wouldn’t want to re-do them.

Art Portrait Questions:

The first picture is my favorite. 

I used Selective Color in most of the pictures, and I also adjusted the colors in all of them.

14 Categories Questions

1. My favorite image is the first. Because I like the way the clouds and the trees look.

2. I would re-shoot back lighting category.

3. I think the most helpful technique on Photoshop was color balance.

Photoshop project.

Cellphone assignment.